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Rudy Benjamin Gerungan

September 8th, 1940 - January 12th, 2024

Remembering Rudy Benjamin Gerungan; known also as David G. Christian (his chosen name upon U.S Naturalization) 


From September 8th, 1940 to January 12th, 2024 this world has been abundantly blessed having this amazing man within it. His life is an epic tale of how a single, steadfast heart of conviction catalyzed and created robust, thriving communities that’ve impacted this world in HUGE and positive ways. HIS people were always his motivation. His homeland, his family and his keluarga rohani. 


The first decision he made as a young adult in 1957 was to stand and protect his region as a warrior with Permesta where he fought for his people through towns and jungles for three years, at times under guerilla warfare tactics, coming out victorious being named a local hero to the people of Manado, Tondano, Minahasa Indonesia. Then, in 1964, using that same rebel spirit of bravery, he married the love of his life against the wishes of his parents (who changed their minds under threat of him burning down their house!) Love won! They quickly welcomed their first three children; two girls and a boy. Then, in 1970, with the life-changing support of his new in-laws, Tante Katrien (Manuel) and Om Gerrit Hoevers, he chose to take a leap of faith and migrated their young family of 5 across the ocean to explore adventure and build that American Dream, of which he did in abundance! By January of 1975, when their youngest was born, they were the first “Asians” on their block in Orange County, California and lived in a large corner house with a swingset in the front yard, a pool in the back, plus a Mercedes and a Mustang parked in the driveway. If nothing else, he was always counted on as one who could MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. He had fire in him; Divinely lit and guided to riches unending. 


Beloved husband, widowed after 56 fun-loving, God-fearing years to Adelien Fictorina Manuel Gerungan, they traveled the world together, side by side, arm in arm, bringing care and ministry everywhere they went. They created 4 children together; Maylannee, Ingrid, Raymond & Amanda, of which came 8 grandchildren, Thomas Scott, Rachel Scott, Lauren Scott, Alanna (Koehler) Perry, Chloe Gerungan, Nathan Koehler, Fox Gerungan & Zoey Koehler of which came 3 great granddaughters, Pepper Maylannee Blackwood, Rhea Jay Blackwood and Sophia Adelien Scott, with only more to come. These 15 children alone are quite literally a GREAT legacy to give to this world. Each of these individuals, and the many more family and friends he also supported to come live in the States, are so very privileged to have been gifted the lives we have here in the U.S and wherever we want, thanks highly to the heart and conviction of one man’s calling; WE are his dream come true.  


While we all had very different relationships with my dad, unique to each of us, every person here today, and all those watching online globally know exactly what it means being in his presence, and that warm feeling you get from receiving his smile. That signature, wide, contagious, smile. Each of us have known of his giving nature and compassionate spirit because we each have been a recipient of his generosity and loving support in some way. Many of us can even say whole heartedly, “I am who I am today, thanks to THIS man”. I know this not only from my experience and bias, but because you’ve told me as much. In asking for stories and memories from friends and relatives who wanted to honor him today, that was the pattern I saw in each of your replies: “His smile brought joy to every room he entered” “He was selfless and giving”, “He helped so many people in so many ways”, “I loved him very much.”   Every relationship I’ve heard about was meaningful, joyful, and genuine. As much as I am warmed, comforted and appreciative to all the condolences my family and I have received, we also offer to you our sincere condolences, for you too, have lost a wonderful inspiration and a loved one in your life. I thank God for how loved he was, that he could share so much of that with each of us. 


We who were lucky enough to experience this man, get to say that “we knew a Rock Star” That star is now shining brightly in the heavens. It’s a celebration as they receiving a General back into their ranks, and they have a special space reserved for him back in the arms of the Father and reunited with the heartbeat of his life, his loving wife, his Schatti, to be whole again and light forevermore.


~ Swiftly and humbly we return this wondrous man's vessel to the Earth accepting in joy that his Spirit has returned to the Heavens. Swiftly and humbly is the same way he departed this life, in the end. Having the honor and privilege to spend mostly all of his waking moments with him through this final sunset portion of his journey was gift enough, and then to have the honor of hearing his last breath as I rested my head on his chest, as he gracefully left us while he slept,  I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Thank you, Daddy.  I love you so much.  Always. ~ Amanda

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Sunnyside Funeral & Cremation

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