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Tranquil Skies Butterfly Urn




The Tranquil Skies Butterfly Urn offers a unique and heartfelt way to commemorate your loved one, combining elegance and symbolic significance into a stunning memorial. Crafted from durable alloy and adorned with three silver engraved butterflies on a gleaming teal or cerulean blue sky, this urn not only serves as a safe repository for ashes but also as a beautiful tribute that keeps the essence of your loved one alive for generations to come.

    Product Dimensions:
  • 10.5” H x 6” W
  • 220 cubic inch capacity

    The size of the Tranquil Skies Butterfly Urn allows for a significant presence whether it is placed in a home, columbarium, or another meaningful location, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a prominent memorial.

    Exquisite Design and Artistry: The Tranquil Skies Butterfly Urn's eye-catching aesthetic is at the heart of its design. It features three intricately engraved silver butterflies set against a rich teal or cerulean sky. The butterflies, a universal symbol of transformation and hope, appear to be mid-flight, adding a dynamic and uplifting element to the urn's appearance. This design encapsulates the journey of the soul and the continuous cycle of life and rebirth.

    Durable and Secure Construction: Crafted with high-quality alloy, the Tranquil Skies Butterfly Urn is built to last. The material’s robust nature ensures durability and resilience, protecting the contents from environmental factors and preserving the integrity of the ashes. The urn is equipped with a threaded lid that provides a secure closure, and the felt-lined base prevents scratches and damage to display surfaces.

    Lasting Legacy: Choosing the Tranquil Skies Butterfly Urn means selecting a sanctuary that not only houses your loved one’s remains but also beautifully commemorates their life and spirit. The urn’s sturdy construction and timeless design serve as a comforting reminder of the permanence of love and the enduring impact of the memories shared.

    A Symbolic and Thoughtful Tribute: The Tranquil Skies Butterfly Urn offers families a way to encapsulate their love and memories in a vessel that embodies beauty, transformation, and the promise of spiritual continuity. With its robust materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and serene imagery, the Tranquil Skies Butterfly Urn stands as a dignified tribute to those we hold dear, ensuring their legacy is preserved with grace and beauty.

    Free Shipping: There is no charge for shipping when you choose the Tranquil Skies Butterfly Urn in teal or cerulean blue, making your life a little easier.