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Funeral Preplanning Tailor-Made For You


The best person to tell your life story is you. With a little help from our professionals, you can personalize your farewell in a way that mirrors your individuality. Afterall is a collective of funeral homes, cemeteries, and cremation providers working together to curate personalized funeral services. We take the time to customize every detail of the final arrangements. After a lifetime of beautiful memories, let us help you craft the legacy story that matches your wishes and personality.

Embrace Peace of Mind

We all wish for a peaceful end-of-life that allows us to focus on enjoying time with loved ones without causing them further emotional or financial stress. Having an estate plan is a step in that direction, but life insurance or trust is not enough.

Planning your own funeral may seem like a solemn task, but taking control of your final wishes is an act of love and consideration for those you leave behind. You can relax knowing you've got everything sorted out - planning your funeral in advance means your legacy is in good hands, easing the burden on your family.

Your Legacy, Your Way

  • Peace of Mind:

Plan your funeral or cremation arrangements and lessen stress about the future. Ease your mind with a brief investment of time today, allowing you to plan ahead and enjoy worry-free peace of mind for the future.

  • Take Control of Your Final Wishes:

Don't leave your loved ones guessing. Planning ahead makes your wishes crystal clear, reflecting your unique personality and values.

  • Reflect and Decide:

Take your time to consider what is truly important to you. Whether it's a specific ceremony, personalized rituals, or unique elements, your choices will be honored when the time comes.

  • Budget-Friendly Prepayment Plans:

Secure a payment plan tailored to your budget. This shields your family from unforeseen financial burdens and allows them to focus on celebrating your life rather than worrying about expenses.

Free Guide to Funeral Preplanning

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Your Stories Inspire Us to Go the Extra Mile

As a collective of funeral homes, cemeteries, and direct cremation providers working together for you, we are united by a shared commitment to compassionate, personalized care.


They helped my mother and me with the preplanning and were very caring and attentive to our needs. After my father passed, they helped us with the details and made our experience a blessed event. The communication, the quality of the service, and the loving, caring support exceeded our expectations. The service programs, videos, and other extras that were included with our package were all high-quality and have left us with very special memories and mementos. Thank you all for providing such excellent service and making a difficult time in our lives so much easier.

Janice G.

We preplanned and prepaid for the services for my Mom. Everything went very smoothly. I recommend using the preplanning service as the time of grief can be overwhelming if you don't have a plan. Everyone at Twin Cities cremation was great, very professional, and comforting.

Mary S.

My father shared with me that when he was preplanning, he found the staff very patient, understanding, and empathetic. I can say that after my father passed, I was treated in the same manner, and I am grateful for their understanding, patience, and empathy during a trying time. It's not a pleasant subject to discuss, but the staff provided a comforting and empathetic experience.

Fred J.

They were there to preplan my dad's final wishes. When he passed, they were there to help our family carry out those wishes in every way. The funeral director guided us through the process. They are an amazing company, and I can’t recommend them enough. Their entire team is amazing! It takes very special people to help (you) through the loss of a loved one, and they are.

Linda T.

My mom reached out to the funeral home and immediately got a response and an appointment with the funeral director. He went over my grandma's policy with her in great detail and assured her. Once Grandma died, we got a call from the Funeral Director, who brought us in and took great care in explaining the next steps of Grandma's journey. They absolutely made our experience positive and allowed us to grieve without any extra stress.

Magi W.
Empower your future

Empower Your Future

We believe planning ahead is an act of love that brings emotional and financial comfort. Let us help you create a personalized plan that reflects your wishes, eases the burden on your loved ones, and ensures a celebration of life that truly honors you. Embrace peace of mind – plan your funeral with care today.