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Ombre Reflection Urn: Royal Blue

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The Ombre Reflection Urn's stunning design beautifully captures the essence of transformation and serenity. This handcrafted urn features a royal blue ombre effect, symbolizing a seamless transition from light to dark and evoking a sense of calm and depth. The term "ombre" originates from the French word meaning "shaded" or "shadowed," and this design element embodies change, harmony, and balance, making it a profound tribute to your loved one's journey.

Each urn is meticulously crafted from a strong, lightweight, and durable alloy, ensuring both elegance and resilience. The clear, lustrous finish enhances the vibrant royal blue hues, creating a sophisticated and timeless look. The high-gloss surface adds a refined touch, making this urn suitable for display at home, in a cremation niche, or as a secure memorial vessel in a cremation garden or burial site.

  • 10.25” H x 6” W
  • 200 cubic inch capacity

      Elegant Design: The Ombre Reflection Urn features a royal blue gradient that transitions from light to dark, symbolizing change and serenity. The clear, lustrous finish and high-gloss surface provide a comforting and soothing visual experience.

      Versatile and Secure: Designed for both burial and display, this urn’s durable alloy construction ensures it resists the elements while preserving the sanctity of the ashes. It comfortably holds the ashes of adults weighing up to 200 pounds before cremation.

      Symbolic and Meaningful: The ombre design represents transformation, harmony, and depth, making this urn a poignant and meaningful tribute. The gradual blending of royal blue hues captures the essence of a journey, reflecting the multifaceted nature of life and the enduring legacy of your loved one.

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