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Nature’s Guardian Urn: Camouflage Swirl

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The Nature's Guardian Urn offers a fitting tribute with its deep brown and olive green swirls, creating a beautiful camouflage appearance. This urn serves as a wonderful memorial for veterans, outdoor and nature enthusiasts, and conservationists who cherish the muted colors of the forest. Each urn is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the wilderness, making it a dignified and meaningful tribute to your loved one's memory.

Crafted from a strong, lightweight, and durable alloy, this urn combines resilience with elegance. The hand-applied lacquer finish ensures the urn retains its brilliant, satiny appearance over time. The urn features a threaded lid to securely contain the ashes and a felt-lined base to protect surfaces and add a touch of softness.

  • 10.5” H x 6” W
  • 220 cubic inch capacity

Elegant Design: The Nature's Guardian Urn showcases deep brown and olive green swirls, creating a camouflage effect that symbolizes a deep connection with nature. The hand-lacquered finish adds a brilliant, satiny touch, ensuring the urn remains a beautiful and lasting tribute.

Versatile and Secure: Designed to withstand the elements, this urn’s durable alloy construction is suitable for burial or display. It comfortably holds the ashes of adults weighing up to 220 pounds before cremation.

Symbolic and Meaningful: The camouflage design is a perfect tribute for veterans, hunters, outdoor and nature enthusiasts, and conservationists who appreciate the forest's muted, earthy tones. The handcrafted appearance captures the spirit of the wilderness, offering a comforting and meaningful memorial.

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