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Classic Reflections Alloy Urn




The Classic Reflections Alloy Urn offers a striking tribute to your loved one's memory. Available in majestic purple or crimson, it blends vibrant color with timeless elegance. This beautifully handcrafted urn features intense hues enhanced by a clear, lustrous finish. The high-gloss surface radiates sophistication, while the elegant silver band at the top adds a refined touch. Constructed from a strong, lightweight, and sustainable alloy, this urn combines durability and grace, making it an enduring memorial piece.

Each urn is meticulously crafted with a threaded lid to ensure the ashes are securely contained. The felt-lined base protects surfaces and adds a touch of softness. Designed for versatility, this urn is perfect for display at home, in a columbarium or glass-front niche, or as a secure memorial vessel in a cremation garden or burial site.

  • 10.5” H x 6” W
  • 220 cubic inch capacity

Elegant Design: The Classic Reflections Alloy Urn, available in majestic purple or crimson, features a clear, lustrous finish that enhances its beauty. The high gloss surface is both comforting to the touch and soothing to the gaze, while the elegant silver band at the top adds a touch of sophistication.

Versatile and Secure: The durable alloy construction ensures it resists the elements while preserving the sanctity of the ashes. The Classic Reflections Alloy Urn comfortably holds the ashes of adults weighing up to 220 pounds before cremation.

Sustainable Choice: Made from a lightweight yet strong and sustainable alloy, this urn offers an eco-friendly option that honors your loved one while being mindful of the environment.

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