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Elegant Artisan Urn




Honor the memory of your beloved with the Elegant Artisan Urn, a beautifully crafted vessel that merges classic design with enduring materials. Meticulous hand-painting creates the look of stone, while the silver-toned band at the lid provides a lovely contrast to rich hues. Available in dark gray and blue gray, the Elegant Artisan Urn is made from durable, affordable alloy with a gleaming clear glaze for beauty and protection. Its robust construction and thoughtful features ensure that it stands as a lasting tribute to a life well-lived.

    Product Dimensions:
  • 10.5” H x 6” W
  • 200 cubic inch capacity

    This well-proportioned urn can safely contain the ashes of an adult weighing up to 200 pounds before cremation. The dimensions of the Elegant Artisan Urn make it appropriate for display in various settings, whether in a home, in a niche, or as part of a columbarium.

    Refined Design and Exquisite Details: The Elegant Artisan Urn is crafted from high-quality alloy, known for its strength and durability. Careful hand-painting gives it a deluxe stone quality, protected by a clear finish for a deep, lustrous sheen. Its classic shape and elegant profile bring depth and meaning to this secure memorial vessel.

    Durability and Stability: Alloy is celebrated for its substantial weight and sturdiness, making it an ideal material for an urn that embodies both beauty and enduring quality. This durability makes the Elegant Artisan Urn a wise choice for families seeking a permanent memorial that will withstand the test of time.

    Secure and Protective Features: The Elegant Artisan Urn is designed with a secure, threaded lid that ensures the ashes remain intact and protected from the elements. The base of the urn is lined with soft felt, which not only adds a layer of stability but also protects the surface on which the urn is placed. These features reflect a commitment to preserving the dignity and sanctity of the ashes, while also enhancing the urn's aesthetic appeal.

    A Meaningful and Respectful Tribute: Choosing the Elegant Artisan Urn means selecting a hand-crafted sanctuary that honors your loved one's life and legacy in the most respectful way. With its robust alloy construction and elegant aesthetic, the Elegant Artisan Urn is a dignified tribute to those we hold dear, ensuring their legacy is preserved with grace and beauty.

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