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Serenity Alloy Urn




The Serenity Alloy Urn offers a dignified and beautiful way to honor the memory of your loved one. Crafted from high-quality alloy, this classic adult urn combines durability with elegance, highlighted by its brilliant jewel-tone colors, high gloss finish, and rich detailing that captivates and comforts all who view it. You may proudly display the Serenity Alloy Urn in your home, within a cremation niche, or as a secure final resting burial place. Choose from three stunning hues of sapphire (blue), amethyst (purple), or ruby (red).

Elegant Design and Visual Appeal: The Serenity Alloy Urn stands out with its rich detailing adorning its surface. The intricate design and high-gloss finish create a stunning visual effect that seems to change as light moves over the urn, offering moments of tranquility and reflection.

Durable and Lightweight Construction: The Serenity Alloy Urn is both strong and lightweight, constructed from a robust alloy that combines two or more elements, including metals. Alloy materials are time-tested for their resilience and are particularly suited for memorial urns due to their ability to resist wear and maintain their integrity over the years.

    Product Dimensions:
  • 10.5” H x 6” W
  • 200 cubic inch capacity

This thoughtfully sized urn holds the ashes of an adult weighing up to 200 pounds before cremation. The dimensions of the Serenity Alloy Urn make it suitable for placement in a variety of settings, from home mantels to columbarium niches, providing a prominent and respectful presence.

Secure Closure and Added Details: One of the key features of the Serenity Alloy Urn is its pewter-tone band that encircles the base of the threaded lid. This detail not only adds to the urn's visual elegance but also ensures a secure closure. The threaded lid is meticulously designed to protect the contents within, keeping the ashes safe and undisturbed, thereby providing peace of mind for families during remembrance.

Versatile and Meaningful Memorial: The Serenity Alloy Urn is a versatile choice for memorializing your loved one. Its elegant design and soothing color palette allow it to seamlessly integrate into any décor, making it a fitting addition to any interior setting. Whether placed in a family home, an office, or a dedicated memorial space, this urn serves as a focal point of remembrance and beauty.

A Cherished Keepsake: With its robust materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and secure features, the Serenity Alloy Urn is a dignified tribute to those we hold dear, ensuring their legacy is preserved with grace and beauty. Ensure that your tribute to your loved one is meaningful and beautiful with this profound emblem of remembrance.

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