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Wind Chime

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These handcrafted wind bells evoke lasting memories to life with their gentle chimes. Hang them in your garden or by your front door, and let the beautiful sounds bring your loved one to mind. Made from recycled tin and iron, Indian artisans handcraft each bell, cutting and hammering the metal before coating it in powdered brass or copper and firing it in a kiln. This unique process creates rustic bells, each tuned to produce a rich, one-of-a-kind sound. Available in large or small, variations in size bring charm and individuality to appearance and timbre.
Select Your Perfect Echo:
  • Small Circle Chime: Measures 8.5" long by 4" wide.
  • Large Circle Chime: Measures 18" long by 5.75" wide.

Invite a Symphony of Remembrance: Each Whisper on Wind Chime is more than a decorative piece; it's a medium through which love and memories continue to resonate. Order yours today and let the gentle chimes serve as a constant reminder of the timeless bonds that echo through our lives.

We include free shipping to ensure your chimes are delivered seamlessly to their final destination, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Afterall is dedicated to selecting products that resonate deeply and inspire, through our thoughtful partnerships. This is an original creation from Laurelbox.

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