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Calm Curated Gift Box

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Introducing the Calm Curated Gift Box, exclusively created for the Memorial Store by Beyond Words, a leader in premium self-care products. This thoughtfully assembled collection is designed to soothe anxieties and stress, providing a serene escape through a selection of carefully chosen items. Each component in this gift box has been curated to offer moments of respite and relaxation, making it an ideal gift for anyone needing a gentle touch of comfort.

Exquisite Selection of Soothing Items

The Calm Curated Gift Box includes an array of products meant to foster tranquility and peace:

• Stress Relief Lotion: Packaged in a beautiful glass bottle, this lotion is crafted to alleviate stress and soothe the senses.

• Essential Oil Roll-On: Perfect for on-the-go relaxation, this roll-on delivers a calming scent that reduces anxiety and promotes calmness.

• Essential Oil Candle: Light up this candle to fill any room with a peaceful aroma, enhancing the environment with its gentle, soothing fragrance.

• Note Pad: This pad features sections labeled "Intentions | Thoughts | Reminders," which are ideal for jotting down soothing thoughts and meditation prompts.

• Herbal Loose Leaf Tea: Savor the calming effects of this specially blended herbal tea, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

• Herbal Ginger Tea Single Servings (2): Two single servings offer a quick and easy way to enjoy the soothing benefits of ginger tea.

• Sea Salt Caramels (5): Indulge in the sweet, comforting taste of these gourmet caramels sprinkled with sea salt to enhance the flavor.

• Artisan Dark Chocolate Bar: Rich and luxurious, this chocolate bar is a decadent treat that delights the senses.

• All-Natural Mints in Ginger: Refresh and settle your stomach with these all-natural ginger mints, ideal for soothing digestion and refreshing the palate.

Personalized Touch: To make your gift even more special, include a personalized message within the beautifully packaged box. This personal touch ensures that your recipient feels genuinely thought of and cared for during their times of need.

Ideal for Gifting: Whether it’s a friend, family member, or colleague, the Calm Curated Gift Box is a perfect choice for anyone who could use a moment of peace. Its luxurious and mindful selection of products makes it an excellent gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or simply as a thoughtful gesture to show you care.

Order Your Calm Curated Gift Box Today and provide a sanctuary of peace and relaxation that your recipient can return to time and again.

Afterall is dedicated to selecting products that resonate deeply and inspire, through our thoughtful partnerships. This is an original curated gift box from Beyond Words Co.

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