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Away From Home Assurance: Ultimate Peace of Mind

Discover the benefits of Away From Home Assurance to bring your remains home at no cost to loved ones. Learn about this comprehensive coverage for the unexpected.

If your death occurs a ways from your home, your loved ones are responsible for paying transportation and other associated expenses. Even with a preplanned funeral arrangement, most providers have a mileage limit for their service area when additional fees kick in. 

Away From Home Assurance covers all additional expenses, paperwork, and transportation if you pass away 75 miles or more from your primary residence — the equivalent of about an hour’s car ride at highway speed. One phone call is all it takes to ensure your loved ones won’t have additional stress or expense during a difficult time. Away From Home Assurance means your family doesn’t pay an extra dollar for your remains to return home safely. 

Without this protection, your loved ones would have to navigate a confusing tangle of governmental requirements, whether you pass away in the next state or the next continent. 

Standard travel insurance does not cover the cost of returning your body. Depending on the place of death, obtaining necessary local, state, or national customs and travel visas can be complicated and expensive.

One-time Investment for a Lifetime of Protection 

With Away From Home Assurance, you make one prepaid investment that covers the cost and paperwork of bringing your remains home (you can even use a payment plan). There are no health requirements, age limits, claim forms, or deductions. 

Away From Home Assurance is lifetime coverage and protection that ensures a safe, respectful journey home. No matter how much transportation costs might increase, your loved ones won’t have to pay anything out of pocket to bring your remains home.

Secure, Respectful Care for Your Journey Home 

Adding Away From Home to your prepaid arrangements protects your family from further heartache and expense. Knowing that your remains will be safely and respectfully transported from the place of death allows your loved ones to focus on carrying out your final wishes. 

Away From Home Assurance:

  • Protects your loved ones from additional stress and expense
  • Moves with you if you relocate anywhere in the contiguous US
  • Includes necessary preparation for lawful transportation
  • Covers required visas and customs
  • Uses trusted and careful providers to return your remains home safely

Protect Your Loved Ones from Extra Stress and Expense

Afterall is a collection of funeral services and professionals who can help you add Away From Home Assurance to your end-of-life plans. And if you don’t have preplanned arrangements in place, we can guide you through the process to ensure your final wishes will be respected and carried out, no matter where you pass away. Click here to search for a local provider by name, city, or ZIP code