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5 Gifts for a Friend After Loss

Looking to support a friend after a loss? These 5 gifts are thoughtful symbols of empathy and care. Find the perfect way to show you’re there for them.

When a friend is hurting after losing a loved one, it can be heartbreaking to witness. But time and again, we’ve heard from those who have been through it that the love of their friends and family has made the difficult times more bearable. A tangible symbol of your empathy, support, and concern in the form of a gift can let your friend know you are thinking of them. The right gift can give the receiver some peace and tranquility during difficult times. We’ve rounded up a list of 5 gifts you can give to a friend and show them you care.

1. Memorial Tree

Afterall has partnered with American Forest to create long-lasting memorials to benefit the environment and celebrate the memory of a loved one. Afterall matches the number of trees you select and plants them along with your gifted tree. The gift of a memorial tree comes with a customized e-certificate that you can send to your friend in memory of the one they lost.

2. Calm Curated Gift Box

To offer moments of comfort to your friend, consider a gift box with treats that delight the senses. The Calm Curated Gift Box has delicious snack items like chocolate and caramels that can give them a moment of respite amidst their grief. Lotion and essential oils can literally bring them a moment of fresh air and encourage self-care at this difficult moment.


Calm Curated Gift Box

3. Windchime

These handcrafted wind chimes are made with recycled tin and iron. Their melodic chimes are a gentle reminder of the lost loved one in your friend’s life. Indian artisans handcraft each bell, cutting and hammering the metal before coating it in powdered brass or copper and firing it in a kiln. This unique process creates rustic bells, each tuned to produce a rich, one-of-a-kind sound.

Wind Chime
From $38 - to $60

Wind Chime

4. Crystal Tribute Candle Holder

For many people, lighting a candle can light the literal darkness as well as the spiritual one. The light is a reminder of the hope ahead. The gift of the Crystal Tribute Candle Holder can be personalized so your friend can choose the message that reminds them of their missing loved one. They will think of them and of you every time they light a candle of remembrance.


Crystal Tribute Candle Holder

5. Comforting Embrace Sherpa Blanket

The Comforting Embrace Sherpa Blanket lets you give the warmth of cozy comfort to a friend during these difficult times. The blanket can be embroidered with a loved one’s name and significant dates. It’s machine washable and measures 50 inches by 60 inches. When you can't be there to give your friend a real hug, send comfort with this beautiful soft blanket to show them the warmth of your care.


Comforting Embrace Sherpa Blanket

Supporting a friend through the grieving process is one of the most compassionate things we can do. By choosing a meaningful gift from this list, you are offering a tangible expression of your love and care. Whether it's a memorial tree, a curated gift box, a soothing wind chime, a tribute candle holder, or a comforting blanket, each gift is a gesture that speaks volumes. In these difficult times, your thoughtfulness can bring a sense of comfort and remind your friend that they are not alone.

More Options in Our Memorial Store

If you didn’t find just the right gift for your friend in these five suggestions, we have dozens of other alternatives, many of which can be personalized so your friend can pay tribute to their loved one’s memory. From vases to picture frames, to garden stones, or jewelry, we hope you’ll find just the right symbol of your care at our Memorial Store. With your thoughtful gift, your friend will have a tangible reminder of the person they lost and of the concern you showed to them.

Looking for a Different Kind of Tribute? Explore These Memorial Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for memorial or remembrance gifts beyond sympathy gestures, there are plenty of thoughtful options available. Consider personalized photo frames or albums that allow cherished memories to be preserved and displayed. Memorial jewelry, such as engraved bracelets or necklaces, can keep a loved one’s memory close. Custom keepsake boxes provide a special place to store mementos and cherished items. These gifts not only honor the memory of a loved one but also serve as lasting tributes that celebrate their life and legacy.