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4 Gift Baskets to Show Your Support

Support a grieving loved one with a curated gift basket from Afterall and Beyond Words Co. Our thoughtful treats and self-care items show your care and empathy during difficult times.

When a friend, colleague, family member, or other loved one suffers a loss, it can be difficult to know how best to show you care. But a thoughtful gift can be a tangible expression of your concern and empathy.

In the early days of loss, there are an overwhelming number of tasks and questions the griever is navigating. A gift basket may be the perfect gift that requires no decisions on their part and can offer the survivor some encouragement toward self-care. In the early days of grief, life can feel like a blur. We hope these curated boxes will offer some simple pleasures to make those days a little more bearable.

We’ve picked four gift baskets full of treats that can offer some solace during difficult times. All boxes are curated by our partners at Beyond Words Co., a leader in self-care packages. With four choices, you can pick the one that fits your budget and best expresses your care.

1. ‘Just a Little Something’ Care Package

The Just a Little Something Care Package includes indulgent items like coffee, chocolate, essential oil mists, and towelettes. This package offers moments of calm and relaxation with dark chocolate, tea, cookies, and a notepad for thoughts. Personalize it with your own note to show support.

2. Remedy Care Package

The Remedy Care Package is filled with comforting items like chocolate chip cookies, mints, and salted almonds. It also includes self-care products such as lip balm and herbal hand moisturizing salve. Personalize it with a note to share your compassion.


Remedy Care Package

3. The Breathe Curated Gift Box

The Breathe Curated Gift Box offers delightful sensory treats, including Sweet and Salty Granola, mint tea, coffee, and Gourmet Salted Caramels. It also includes a journal, a mug, and essential oils. Add a personal note to show you care.There are two essential oil offerings – a Eucalyptus scent for the shower and a citrus mint-scented candle. Add a personal note to show you care.

4. The Calm Curated Box

When you give our largest curated box, you are giving products that have all been chosen to offer the griever peace and calm. The Calm Curated Box includes gourmet chocolate, caramels, mints, and restorative drinks. It features calming scents from an essential oil candle and roll-on, plus stress relief lotion. This box is designed for moments of respite and relaxation.


Calm Curated Gift Box

When someone is traveling along a grief journey, it is sometimes difficult to know what to do to show your support. These thoughtfully curated gift boxes have items that encourage the receiver to take a moment of relaxation in their day and enjoy the comfort of their smells and tastes.

We hope that among these four box choices, you find the perfect way to show your care for someone who has suffered a loss. All boxes include the ability to add a special note to make the gift more personal with your own expression of concern.

More Options in Our Memorial Store

Is a curated box not quite what you are looking for? From trees to candles, our Memorial Store has many other items that can offer comfort to grieving friends and family members when words seem insufficient. 

From trees to jewelry, wind chimes to candles, picture frames to garden stones, we have dozens of items that can show your compassion and remind the gift’s receiver of those they’ve lost. Many items can be personalized with a name and important dates.

Not Looking for Sympathy Gifts? Try These Memorial Gift Options

Sympathy gifts are like a warm hug for those grieving the loss of a loved one, whether a friend or family member. They offer comfort and solace, a way to say, “I’m here for you,” without needing words. Our collection goes beyond mere consolation, featuring gifts that celebrate the life and legacy of a cherished soul, perfect for sharing with family members united in remembrance. Each gift is a gesture of support, a shared memory, and a tribute to the enduring bond that remains even in absence.